15 Effective Ways To Get More Google Reviews for Your Dental Office in 2024

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Did you know that up to 94% of patients evaluate healthcare providers through online reviews? Meanwhile, 72% use reviews to find healthcare professionals and validate their credentials.

Clearly, positive dental reviews can enhance your digital footprint and practice.  So, give prospective clients something to chew on when they look for “reviews for my dentist.”

Our 15 tactics will show you how you can encourage and manage online reviews. In this article, Epic Owl outlines how to earn 5-star dentist reviews, examples of how you can leverage them, and other handy tips.

Claim Your Google My Business Listing

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Sixty-four percent of consumers use Google My Business (GMB) to find the contact details of local businesses. Over half of these interactions resulted in website visits, making this easy-to-use tool a non-negotiable for dentists who want to improve their online presence across Google. 

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Improve your “best dentist reviews near me” queries by claiming your GMB listing. You can optimize it with accurate details about your clinic, including your name, address, operating hours, etc. For good measure, add high-quality photos. 

After all, you can’t have good Google reviews for prospective patients if you haven’t established your business on GMB. 

Create a Direct Link to your Listing

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How do I write a Google review for my dentist? Make leaving reviews easy by generating and sharing a direct link where patients can write about their experiences. 

  • Go to your Business Profile.
  • Head to Google Maps, Customers > Reviews > Get more reviews.
  • Use the sharing options provided.

You can also post the link on your website to boost credibility and trust. 

Engage on Social Media

A person engaging on social media.

Certain social media platforms like Facebook allow users to leave business reviews. Allow the public to share their experiences in the review and comment sections. While it’s an optional functionality, enabling it shows that you aren’t afraid to let your work speak for itself. It fosters credibility and authenticity while enhancing your social proof.

Tap into Text Message

A person sending SMSs.

SMS open rates are at 98%, making text messages more efficient than email’s 22%. Since 90% of messages are opened within 3 minutes, it can cut through the clutter and reach clients when the dental experience is still fresh in their minds.

You can send a short SMS, personalize it with the client’s name, and add a feedback link.

Provide Exceptional Patient Care

A dental patient having a consultation.

Allow your dental practice to thrive by adopting a patient-centric approach. Focus on building an exceptional team with updated skills and knowledge. Aim to deliver the best dental care in your community.

Of course, you should also create a comfortable environment to minimize patients’ anxiety, fear, and nervousness. 

Address Concerns Early

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According to RevLocal, 68% of potential patients form an opinion about your practice after reading 1 to 6 reviews. This means you need to make sure that positive reviews greatly outnumber bad ones.

Aside from providing exceptional patient care, don’t be afraid to ask customers how they’re doing. This allows you to adapt and address any pain points. By the time you ask them for a review, you have a higher chance of securing a good review because you already resolved their issues. 

In addition, inquiring on your patients’ welfare positions you as a compassionate, caring practitioner. 

Use Testimonials as Social Proof

Customer Reviews

Social proof sells big time. 

Seventy-two percent of consumers believe testimonials are more credible than a brand tooting its own horn. Increase your prospects’ trust in your services and expertise by sharing positive online reviews. It will encourage them to choose your practice over your competitors, and hopefully leave good feedback for dental clinic after your services.

Automate Review Requests

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Most of your clients won’t leave a review unless prompted. That’s why you need an automated review system.

Providing them with a link to your Google listing immediately after their appointment will exponentially increase your odds of collecting amazing dental reviews by patient. Cover multiple touchpoints, such as emails and surveys, to make it easier for them to share their experiences.

Leverage Incentives

A dentist and patient doing a consult.

Encourage patients to leave reviews good reviews by offering incentives like a free consultation in your dental office or a discount on their next visit.  You can invite them to write reviews by email, through social media, and when they go to your clinic.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to measure your efforts by tracking how many invitations you sent out, the number of reviews generated, and how many of them left 5-star reviews. This will help you evaluate and fine-tune your efforts.

Give Out Business Cards With a QR Code

A QR code

Business cards bridge the gap between the physical and the digital. Another easy way to gather more reviews is by inserting a QR code in your business cards. Anyone who receives them can scan the code and be directed to your review site. There’s no need to memorize lengthy URLs or follow complex procedures.

Closely Monitor Your Reviews

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Worried about bad reviews? That’s only natural since you’ll be opening your practice up to public scrutiny. Whether positive or negative, feedback is important. Even negative comments can present opportunities to introduce necessary changes in your practice. 

Acknowledge the positive but keep a close eye on the negative. If you receive a bad review, respond to it promptly. Be polite and be willing to address the person’s concern. Though a negative review can cost you up to 30 customers, having a good attitude can encourage other readers to give your clinic a chance.

Make Yourself Approachable

A dentist and a patient.

While a dental practice with poor service is bad, being hard to reach is worse. Frustrated patients who can’t voice their concerns often look for the most public and visible ways to get your attention. Don’t give them a chance to rant online and tarnish your online reputation.

When you share your phone number and clinic address, make sure that patients can reach you through those channels. Since it’s physically impossible to man your phone lines 24/7, you can get a receptionist or encourage patients to leave messages so you can get back to them. 

Use Email as an Effective Alternative

A person answering to emails.

Email has an ROI that averages between 3,600% and 4,200% for a reason.

It offers a direct line of communication, making it the most efficient method for collecting authentic reviews. But for it to work, it needs to be:

  • Segmented towards specific audiences
  • Sent at the right time 
  • In a survey format

Based on these guidelines, dental offices should ideally target customers as soon as they’ve left the clinic for the highest response rates.

You should also optimize your review template, tweaking the subject line to make it stand out. Add a link to your dental page to make it easier for clients to leave a review. Be sure to make it mobile-friendly since 97% of Americans own a cellphone.

Customize, Customize, Customize

A woman answering emails on her laptop.

Patients are more likely to embrace customization as it is specifically tailored to their individual needs. You can shoot them a personalized email after their appointment detailing the dos and don’ts. Include a direct link to your preferred review platform. 

Use software to elevate the patient experience with hyper-personalized emails to engage clients and build trust.

Deliver the Perfect Pitch Through Phone Calls

A dentist calling patients.

Phone calls are often seen as intrusive, but they don’t have to be.  In an increasingly digitized landscape, phone calls cater to the human need for personal connection. 

By talking to people directly, you get feedback directly from your patients, allowing you to ask additional questions, correct any shortcomings, and learn what matters to them. Knowing your patients personally can enrich your practice and ultimately lead to better reviews.

Word of Mouth Still Reigns Supreme

A person recommending a dentist through GMB.

When it comes to digital marketing, we often hear about search engine optimization, PPC campaigns, and keywords. While these are all relevant, don’t underestimate the power of good reviews.

Though mainstream marketing has moved online, word of mouth is as important as ever. In the digital world, this means amassing authentic reviews that recommend your services. 

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