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TikTok is a creative and marketing hub with a phenomenal growth rate, so it is no surprise that influencers use the video-sharing platform to amplify their message and expand their audience. 

While it is an entertainment-centric space, TikTok has also evolved into a social shopping site where brands and consumers converge via the TikTok Shop. This shoppable video element is reinforcing its status as a marketing force that has revolutionized the way we consume content and buy products. 

A Podium for Ecommerce Content Creators

As an emerging ecommerce site teeming with influencers in various niches, TikTok has also become a space for top ecommerce experts who share valuable information with their audiences. TikTok’s relatively short video format lets these influencers focus on specific topics or snackable content and get their thoughts across within a few seconds or minutes.

Business-oriented TikTok users can access their talks that range from digital marketing and influencer marketing to brand strategies and investing. 

These are some of the top ecommerce influencers on TikTok.

Neil Patel


Niel Patel

Neil Patel has become a huge name in digital marketing since 2016 as a digital marketer and serial digital entrepreneur. He has impressive credentials and is recognized as a thought leader in the digital marketing space. 

In addition to building his award-winning Neil Patel digital marketing company and sharing his insights via his blog and social platforms, Neil is also a New York Times Bestselling author and speaker. 

The Wall Street Journal and Forbes recognize him as a top influencer and marketer. He was also awarded as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 30 and 35 by no less than President Obama and the United Nations, respectively.

On TikTok, Neil is a go-to source of all things digital marketing, with over 140 thousand followers. His YouTube channel has 1.23 million subscribers, a testament to his credibility as a trusted digital marketing guru worldwide.

Nicolas Rojas


Nicolas Rojas

Nicolas Rojas is a prominent digital creator and brand strategist who has worked with several Fortune 500 companies. He helps brands and businesses to nail their digital marketing efforts through his consultancy services.

He grew a TikTok following of over 340k in just six months by creating content around branding tips and marketing secrets. His content has raked in 2.5 million likes, making him one of the most actively engaged content creators in the business niche on TikTok.

In his TikTok videos, he shares valuable tips about starting a brand, effective marketing communication, campaign development, personal branding, and other brand-building niche topics. 

Camille Moore 


Camille Moore

Camille’s TikTok profile says, “The internet’s favorite brand director,” and with close to a million engagements on TikTok, her tagline has a basis. Camille heads Third Eye Insights, a full-service branding and strategic consulting agency based in Canada. She leads a team of brand storytellers who utilize data-driven campaigns to bring strategic vision to fruition. 

On TikTok, Camille creates solo podcast-style content featuring case studies of different brands and businesses. She has over ninety thousand followers and close to a million engagements. Camille generously shares her keen views about what makes a particular brand brilliant with its tactical marketing efforts. 

This Canadian brand-building expert is one of the most followed women, top ecommerce influencers on Tiktok. Her expertise spans brand experience, digital marketing, digital advertising, and social media marketing. Camille’s appeal as an influencer is her expert ability to dissect various brand strategies while providing insights on how and why those strategies work. 

Brendan Gillen 


Brendan Gillen

Brendan has over 19 thousand followers on TikTok. His content is laser-focused on teaching ecommerce entrepreneurs how to scale their stores and accelerate their growth through strategies.  

His target audience is mainly Shopify store owners. He shares valuable insights about succeeding in the ecommerce space with topics covering SEO tactics, Shopify apps, and email marketing aimed at drawing traffic and driving revenues. Like Camille, his practical advice utilizes case studies, including his journey to a million-dollar store as an ecommerce entrepreneur. His video content about dropshipping has over 800 thousand views. 

He also shares practical tips on tools and strategies to grow an online presence, such as using Shopify AI features and ChatGPT to optimize digital marketing efforts. Gillen’s TikTok is where newbies, seasoned online retailers, and even B2B shop owners can learn proven and executable strategies to grow their businesses. 

Toccara Karizma


Toccara Karizma

Toccara has been building her credentials for over 14 years as a marketing executive focusing on digital marketing and ecommerce. She aced her college education at the University of California with a degree in economics and is now sharing her expertise with the world. 

Her TikTok profile reads Digital Marketing Consultant & Business Growth Strategist for eCommerce Brands. Her account is full of valuable expert insights on TikTok growth, branding strategies, SEO, advertising, social media, email marketing, copywriting, and more.

She’s the CEO of Karizma Marketing, a Hawaii-based omnichannel digital marketing agency catering to success-driven ecommerce brands. Toccara is also the founder of the ecommerce clothing brand Koko Bean and the non-profit Kona Moms.

Sam Despo


Sam Despo

Sam is one of the most followed and highly engaged influencers in the ecommerce niche, with over 700k followers and 8M likes. He is a digital marketing expert who runs a paid ads and TikTok agency. He engages his audience with valuable content on marketing strategies, technologies, and tools to drive business growth. 

By combining his marketing and technical savvy as a content creator, Sam helps digital entrepreneurs accelerate their growth by leveraging free tools and AI tools to supercharge their marketing campaigns and initiatives. 

His step-by-step video tutorials are easy to understand, and his marketing tips are right on the money, making him your guru-next-door worth the view.

TikTok as an Ecommerce Learning Resource

These top-tier influencers, along with other edutainment content creators make TikTok a valuable resource for business growth straight from digital entrepreneurs themselves. Follow them and learn practical knowledge and skills through their credible, relatable, and, best of all, free content on TikTok. 

Leverage what you learn from these coaches because your roadmap to success begins with having the right knowledge and knowing how to apply it.

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