Google My Business (GMB) for SPAs: 13 Optimizations for Success

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In the competitive world of spa businesses, standing out to attract new clients is always a major challenge. A powerful tool that can elevate your spa’s online presence and drive traffic to your physical location is Google My Business (GMB) for spas.

Optimizing your Google My Business profile effectively can increase your visibility in local search results, attract potential clients, and ultimately boost your spa marketing efforts.

Let’s talk about 13 key optimizations that maximize GMB for spas and enhance your digital marketing efforts.

Create a Compelling GMB Profile

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When creating your GMB profile, don’t stop at listing your services. Take it a step further by telling your story in a way that resonates with those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation. The magic lies in the details.

Use vibrant, professional images to paint a picture of serenity and healing. Echo your brand’s voice through the business description and ensure your essential contact details are accurate. 

This is your digital handshake, an opportunity to make a memorable first impression. It’s where the journey from potential client to loyal customer begins. The more comprehensive your profile, the more likely prospects will engage.

Pro Tip: In addition to the primary business category, GMB allows you to choose up to 10 other categories to help you reach the widest audience possible. 

  • Spa Retreat
  • Facial Spa
  • Medical Spa
  • Beauty Salon
  • Health and Beauty Shop
  • Tanning Salon
  • Nail Salon

Enter Accurate and Comprehensive Business Information

Ensure your website link is clickable, your contact details are spot-on, and your operational hours reflect your current schedule. 

All relevant business information, including address, phone number, and operating hours must be correct and consistently updated. Also verify your spa’s street address on Google Maps to guarantee error-free placement.

This will position your spa favorably in the algorithms of search engines and facilitate a smooth journey for potential clients. Even minor discrepancies can lead to major missed opportunities.

Pro Tip: Never overlook the business hours section. While “Near Me” searches have always been popular, “Open Now” is quickly catching up.

Showcase Services Correctly

woman explaining services to customers over call

Ensure your spa services are prominently displayed on your GMB profile to draw in the right clientele. Don’t forget to highlight unique offerings and seasonal specials.

To enhance your spa’s visibility in Google search results, employ strategic keywords that potential clients might use when searching for a spa near them. 

Use High-Quality Images

Attraction is a visual language and images of your establishment serve as its ambassadors to potential clients. Highlight your spa’s serene ambiance. Capture the meticulous attention to detail in your treatments and the genuine warmth of your staff. 

Vibrant and professionally captured photos are deciding factors for those contemplating using the services of a business. Engaging your audience visually can transform casual browsing into actual bookings and build a trustworthy brand image.

Gather and Manage Reviews

customer reviews

Consider these statistics from BrightLocal’s Local Consumer Review for 2023:

  • 87% read online reviews for local businesses
  • 73% place importance on last-month reviews
  • 48% will still consider a business with 3 stars or lower

Encourage existing clientele to share their experiences online. This digital word-of-mouth is instrumental in forging a business’s reputation.

Approach less favorable feedback with grace and resolve to turn possible detractions into opportunities for growth. As a bonus, published feedback on GMB listings will also be visible on Google Reviews.

Post Engaging and Informative Content

Consider GMB as an additional channel for your spa marketing ideas.

Like social media, posts on your GMB profile offer a golden opportunity to foster engagement and provide timely updates to potential clients.

Announce attractive offers. Highlight staff member’s expertise. Share insights on special features. Create these posts with intention and rich information to maintain interest.

Utilize Booking Attributes

a person making a booking

Integrate the online booking options on your GMB profile with your scheduling system to simplify the steps clients must take to book an appointment. This will also showcase your spa as a modern and customer-centric business.

Pro Tip: If you have a website, add its URL in the information section to spur your GMB guests to visit.

Activate the Chat Feature

Never underestimate the value of instant communication. The chat or messaging feature on your Google My Business profile offers an opportunity to connect with potential clients in real time and bridges the gap between curiosity and commitment.

Chatting is a dynamic conduit for engagement, enabling your spa to answer questions, alleviate concerns, and guide potential clients toward making that decisive booking. Responding to inquiries promptly and helpfully elevates the customer service experience and builds a foundation of trust and approachability. 

Optimize for Mobile Users

people using their mobile

A Think With Google study revealed that 60% of smartphone users access the Click To Call option to directly contact a business they found online.

Ensuring your Google My Business (GMB) profile caters to the mobile user is non-negotiable. It is an optimization that transcends mere convenience. A mobile-intuitive GMB profile mirrors the ease and accessibility that modern clients not only appreciate but expect. 

Your profile must also be visually appealing and swift to load and navigate on any device. 

Monitor GMB Insights for Continuous Improvement

Dive into the performance analytics that GMB offers. Regularly assess the insights your profile yields to understand the behaviors and preferences of your audience.

This exercise isn’t merely about tracking numbers but about decoding the story they tell. What draws clients to your spa? Conversely, what turns them away? These metrics are a valuable yardstick to measure the behavior and preferences of your client base.

Observe which services garner the most attention and the posts that spark engagement. Adjust and refine your spa promotion ideas based on these insights.

With measurable insights at your fingertips, you can arrive at informed and data-driven decisions for your spa marketing plans.

Incorporate Keywords Wisely

image of a keboard

Strategically weaving keywords into your GMB profile sharpens its visibility to those in search of spa services. 

By embedding terms that resonate with your audience’s search habits, you cultivate a profile aligned with the needs of those seeking your services.

Pro Tip: Prioritize local language when inserting keywords in your content to make it more relevant to your target audience. This geo-targeted approach appeals to customers located in the areas surrounding your spa. Google’s algorithms will reward you with higher rankings in local searches.

Stay Updated on GMB Changes

GMB constantly rolls out innovative features, each designed to further refine and enhance your spa’s online prominence. Harnesses the platform’s full potential by keeping abreast of these updates and integrating features that resonate with your spa’s vision.

Pro Tip: Regularly update your information. Your clientele will appreciate knowing any changes in address, phone number, services, and staff in real-time.

Build Local Links and Citations

graphic of one site linking to another

Fostering relationships within your community may sound like old-fashioned networking but it amplifies your spa’s digital and physical footprints. Engaging with neighboring businesses, influencers, and the community creates valuable local connections and citations while bolstering your spa’s authenticity and authority.

It enriches your local SEO efforts while positioning your spa as a part of the local community on search engines and with potential clients.

GMB for SPAs: Amplifying Your Digital Presence

In the digital era, Google My Business (GMB) is a pivotal tool for spa owners who want to amplify their online footprint and captivate a larger audience. More than 60% of consumers looking for local businesses use GMB.

A meticulously curated GMB profile takes potential clients from the vastness of the internet and delivers them directly to your spa. More importantly, optimization can increase your website clicks by as much as 30%.

By leveraging GMB, you harness the ability to detail your unique offerings and foster a connection with spa enthusiasts while ensuring you’re not just seen, but also chosen.

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