Lottery USA Social Media Case Study

A Digital Uplift Story: Lottery USA
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Lottery USA, recognizing the need to enhance its online presence, partnered with Epic Owl to revitalize its social media platforms.

This case study explores the strategic initiatives that resulted in marked improvements in engagement, reach, and customer interaction


Lottery USA, aiming to amplify its digital influence, collaborated with Epic Owl to enhance its social media operations.

The case study highlights the effective strategies that significantly boosted engagement, reach, and customer interaction.

Social Presence

Instagram & Facebook Only

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Major Issues

  • Declining User Engagement
  • Stagnant Follower Growth
  • Inconsistent Content Strategy
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Strategy Overview

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Epic Owl developed a comprehensive strategy to rejuvenate Lottery USA’s social media channels:

  • Strategic Storytelling: Shifted from basic updates to captivating stories that engaged the audience.
  • Engaging Content: Introduced diverse content forms to convert passive followers into active contributors.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Leveraged sophisticated analytics to customize content for optimal impact.
Idea Quick Note: We successfully broadened online presence by launching a new campaign.


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The campaign was implemented in stages, each focusing on different elements of the strategy:

  • Content Diversification: Included multimedia posts, live sessions, and interactive content.
  • Community Building: Conducted regular activities like quizzes and polls to build community ties.
  • Influencer Collaborations: Worked with well-known social media figures to broaden reach.

Results and Impact

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Post-campaign analysis revealed a significant increase in followers and engagement:

  • Quantitative Results: Followers doubled and engagement per post rose by 75%.
  • Qualitative Impact: Enhanced brand perception and increased customer interaction.

Beyond the Buzz: What We Discovered




Jump in Followers Count

  • Strategic Flexibility: Quick adaptation to trends and feedback was essential for refining strategies and achieving better outcomes.
  • The Power of Narrative: Storytelling turned casual followers into dedicated fans, personalizing the brand and enhancing its impact.
  • Engagement as Success: High engagement levels indicated effective content, leading to deeper interactions and brand loyalty.
  • Learning from Challenges: Navigating obstacles like internal resistance and algorithm changes underscored the importance of perseverance and creativity.
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