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Shopify Review: We Test Drive the World’s Biggest E-Commerce Builder

Brand: Digital, Technical Article

Shopify is a complete e-commerce platform that’s great for small & midsized businesses with plans to scale. Find its basic plan price and customization features here.

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AMZScout vs. Jungle Scout: How To Choose the Better One for Your Business

Brand: Digital, Technical Article

While AMZScout and Jungle Scout are excellent Amazon product research tools, AMZScout edges out Jungle Scout overall for ease of use and price point.

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A Complete Guide To Programmatic Advertising

Brand: Savv Digital, Technical Article

Programmatic advertising, or ‘programmatic,’ is quickly becoming one of the top preferred methods of digital advertising today.

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What is BNB Auto-Burn and How Does it Work?

Brand: Coin Telegraph, Technical Article

Binance Coin ( BNB) is the Binance ecosystem’s native cryptocurrency. Launched in 2017, BNB was originally presented as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain.

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Careers at Helium 10 – Find a job at Helium 10

Brand: Revenue Geeks, Article

You should expect a great company culture when working in Helium 10. Helium 10 employees are excited about the company’s transparent and approachable leadership team with an open-door policy.

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Sales Copywriting

Brand: Jeff Bullas, Email Newsletter

To continuously drive sales for your business, you will need to generate conversions for your product or service. This is where SALES COPYWRITING comes in!

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Exclusive: How A Breakup Gave A Woman A New Lease On Life. It’s Not What You Think!

Brand: One Shot Keto, Advertorial

From the ordinary little town of Whitefield, NH, comes this extraordinary story of a
woman who battled an unhealthy relationship that ended rather, well, happily

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Net Metering 3.0 – Is The Fate of California’s Solar Industry Hanging in The Balance?

Brand: Ameco Solar, Technical Article

Is everything alright in sunny California? On the surface, it might seem like a strange question to ask. And one that’s completely out of context.

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10 Thrilling Museum Heists That Haven’t Been Solved Yet – Listverse

Brand: Listverse, Article

Museums are gateways to the past, giving the public a chance to enjoy artworks and antiques with cultural and historical significance.

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How Collagen Peptides Improve the Skin

Brand: Dermaflage, Article

Did you know that when it comes to wrinkles, scars, and stretch marks, collagen peptides are a girl’s best friend? But, what are collagen peptides? Here’s how they can improve your skin!

On A Quest for White Tigray Honey in The Horn of Africa & Ethiopia

Brand: HeyHoney.biz, Article

Come with me on a tour of Ethiopia to the Tigray Mountain region and in and around Addis Ababa! I’ll show you the frontline of one of Ethiopia’s most valuable exports, take you on a street-food adventure.

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Matter Management Software For In House Legal Teams

Brand: Daizychain, Landing Page

Matter Management Software for in-house legal teams makes tracking the trail of all past and ongoing legal matters simple. Our software helps team leads and General Counsels stay abreast of developments.

Best Social Media Scheduling Tools

10 Best Graphic Design Software for Marketers

Brand: The Weekly Consult, Article

As a freelance marketing consultant, you don’t have a ton of time to spend on social media. Well, unless you’re a social media consultant. You need automation. Review the best social media scheduling tools.

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Full Coverage Makeup: Your Questions Answered

Brand: Dermaflage, Article

Full-coverage makeup seems to be all the rage nowadays, but what does it actually mean? This article will tell you everything you need to know about full coverage makeup.

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What Do Women Over 40 Want?

Brand: OzofSalt, Lifestyle Article

Who says women over 40 are old? Personally speaking, I feel younger, healthier, and more positive now more than ever. My days are spent bonding and connecting with like-minded individuals.