TikToker Pricing Guide: How Much Influencers Across Different Niches Cost

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Considering TikTok influencer marketing for your social media campaigns? We have a Tiktoker pricing guide for that!

Why do you need one? Well, the cost of partnering with influencers for sponsored content varies greatly depending on several factors. These include the type, amount, and frequency of posts and the number and kind of influencers you choose.

Having a practical TikTok pricing guide calculator on hand helps you balance the differing costs effectively. You can use it to gauge budgetary allocations for influencer marketing and navigate the exciting world of TikTok influencers.

Types and Costs of TikToker Marketing

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In the realm of TikTok, influencers, a.k.a. “TikTokers,” hold significant sway thanks to their ability to reach and engage with vast audiences. They span a broad spectrum, from nano influencers holding a relatively small yet highly engaged follower base to mega influencers commanding the attention of millions.

Various strategies also exist to benefit from the impact of these influencers, each offering unique opportunities for brand promotion. They also come at various price levels, starting with $10/CPM (cost per 1,000 views) and a minimum of $500/campaign.

In-Feed Native Videos

These are sponsored ads where influencers creatively weave a brand’s products into their TikTok videos integrated within TikTok viewers’ For You page. They offer a subtle yet impactful way of fitting into users’ feeds.

Minimum Prepaid Impressions: 600

Pricing: $10 per impression

Hashtag Challenges

If you wish to present an engaging way to spark user-generated content, create challenges around a brand-sponsored hashtag. Such interactive TikTok ads potentially lead to a surge of related content and viral visibility.

Pricing: $150,000 per week

Brand Takeover Ads

For a more direct approach that creates a strong impression, your company can essentially ‘own’ TikTok for a day, with your ads appearing full-screen as users open the app. You can link them to your brand’s website or a specific challenge page to drive traffic and engagement.

Guaranteed Impressions: 5 million

Pricing: $80,000 per day

Branded Filters or Lenses

With these TikTok ads, you can create custom filters that users could apply to their videos, a fun and interactive tactic that boosts brand recognition.

Maximum Duration: 10 days

Pricing: $50,000 per day

These diverse marketing methods reflect TikTok’s versatile promotional opportunities, each involving a different campaign objective and budget. It’s worth studying them so you can make an informed choice on the most suitable one for your brand.

How to Partner with TikTok Influencers

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Embarking on a collaboration with TikTok influencers demands careful strategy and open dialogue. Proceed with the following steps:

  1. Pinpoint an influencer whose content mirrors your brand ethos and piques the interest of your target audience. 
  2. Initiate a dialogue about possible partnership opportunities, outlining your expectations for the collaboration.
  3. In your initial conversation, present yourself and your role. Convey your campaign plan and discuss your prospective strategy for the joint venture. Elaborate on the value of their contribution to the campaign.
  4. When your selected influencer expresses interest, it’s their turn to provide their profile, which includes follower demographics, crucial metrics, and previous collaborations.
  5. If satisfied, provide your influencer with a budget overview or inquire about their charges. Be prepared for flexible rates and negotiation, which will be based on your financial plan and anticipated deliverables. 
  6. Next, discuss the cost structure, remembering to leverage tools like a TikTok influencer pricing calculator for accurate budgeting. Also, talk about the scope of the campaign and ensure all parties clearly understand the overall objective and desired outcomes.

Should you decide to commission several influencers, safeguard the smooth operation of your campaigns by drafting a comprehensive work statement for each, irrespective of the partnership’s scale.

Typically incorporated within a larger contract, this scope of work covers disclosure norms, exclusions, approval protocols, and ownership of content. It should detail the campaign’s objectives, theme and specifics, precise content deliverables, approval and submission deadlines, payment rates, conditions, and schedule.

IMPORTANT: Formalize this agreement through a legally binding contract before proceeding with any campaign activities. It protects both your brand and the influencer, ensuring a successful and mutually beneficial partnership.

Price Tiers of TikTok Influencers

Influencers on TikTok fall into five categories based on follower counts, and their pricing primarily depends on their tier level. Here’s the TikTok pricing guide for influencers at a glance:

Influencer TiersNumber of FollowersRate Per Post
NanoUnder 10K$5 – $25
Micro10K-100K$25 – $125
Mid-Tier100K – 500K$125 – $1,250
Macro500K – 1M$1,250 – $2,500
Mega1M+$2,500 – up

These price tiers should be evaluated in relation to your marketing objectives and budget. Bear in mind that higher prices do not guarantee a greater ROI. Hence, finding the right balance between reach, engagement, and cost is essential.

Utilize the TikTok pricing calculator to determine which tier aligns best with your budget and campaign goals.

Finding the Right TikTok Influencers

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You have the option to collaborate with TikTokers who are active on multiple social media platforms, or focus on TikTok Natives. Remember, ideal influencers for your marketing campaigns are those that resonate with your brand ethos and reach your intended audience.

Locating the perfect TikTok influencers for your brand involves a bit of investigative work. Start by digging into hashtags that align with your brand’s identity to uncover influencers already engaging with similar content. And don’t overlook TikTok’s Discover page. It’s a goldmine of trending content creators.

Various tools can also prove helpful to influencer discovery across multiple niches. Some examples are Influencer Marketing Hub, Tikscore, Influence.co, Upfluence, and Post For Rent.

How Do You Choose Your TikTok Influencer?

Before setting your initial TikTok influencer marketing venture in motion, defining your goals and measuring performance indicators is crucial. Are you targeting a surge in your website visitors? Hoping to elevate brand recognition? How much budget have you allocated for achieving these objectives?

The answers to these questions will shape the kind of TikTok influencers you collaborate with, specify the required outcomes, and provide momentum to your overall strategy.

Your TikTok influencer selection should be strategic and well-thought-out, as it is integral to your campaign’s effectiveness. It’s important not to base your decision solely on the TikTok price per view but also to evaluate other pivotal aspects.

Authenticity should be at the top of your checklist. Followers respond better to influencers who genuinely resonate with your brand as they lend credibility to your marketing campaign.

Next, consider the influencer’s engagement rate. This metric reveals how much interaction the influencer’s content prompts, providing insight into their audience’s level of interest and activity.

Beyond engagement, the quality of the influencer’s content must also be assessed. Does it align with your brand’s aesthetic and message? Also, ensure their audience matches your target demographic to maximize the reach and impact of your campaign.

Lastly, remember to factor in the influencer’s tier level. Whether they’re nano influencers, mid tier influencers, or macro influencers, each offers distinct advantages and cost structures.

Does Your Business Need TikTok Influencer Marketing?

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The wide-ranging demographic on TikTok provides a unique marketing opportunity for many businesses.

Companies catering to the younger generation, specifically Gen Z and young Millennials, will particularly find TikTok influencer marketing highly advantageous.

Industries spanning e-commerce, tech, fashion, beauty, art, and music have likewise reaped the rewards of engaging with their audience through this uniquely creative social media platform.

Even organizations in the non-profit sector have been successful in utilizing TikTok to raise awareness and gain support for their causes. Startups and small businesses are also starting to enjoy the same benefits.

As TikTok grows, more industries can consider adopting its influencer marketing opportunities to tap into high engagement rates and viral potential. It’s all about understanding the platform’s user demographics and identifying the influencers who resonate with your brand’s target audience.

TikTok Influencer Marketing: A World of Possibilities

Given its rapidly evolving nature, TikTok influencer marketing opens endless doors for businesses to amplify their brand reach and engagement.

For those unfamiliar with the platform, empowering an influencer from your field equates to making a straight shot to your desired demographic. Considering that over half of TikTok users belong to the Gen Z demographic, who highly value genuine endorsements, partnering with their favorite and trusted content creators can endear your brand to them almost immediately.

Establishing a connection with an influencer and their devoted followers essentially boosts your brand recognition as well. Extend those collaborations for as long as you can to amplify your outcomes.

In terms of driving sales, almost 50% of consumers rely on influencer endorsements. So, if a reputable influencer promotes your product, it’s safe to assume your credibility will skyrocket along with your revenue.

Our Tiktoker pricing guide is designed to equip you with the knowledge to understand the diverse influencer tiers and their associated costs. Then, you can forge successful partnerships, create high-impact campaigns, and maximize your ROI.

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