The Top 10 Liked TikTok Videos of All Time

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TikTok creators gain a ton of attention and engagement by posting funny and creative videos. These are some of the most popular videos ever to be on the platform.

TikTok is where ordinary people can become worldwide sensations just by being who they are and posting videos showing their unique vibes. There is a massive audience for authenticity on this massive platform, as proven by videos that go viral, amassing a ton of views in a matter of minutes. 

There’s no rigid formula to gain success, but a good look at the top 10 most liked TikTok videos of all time can give you an idea of which ones resonate with the TikTok crowd. 

Many of these videos skyrocketed in popularity during the pandemic, a time when people craved some fun, creativity, and a break from the lockdown lull.

Here’s a list of the 10 most liked TikTok videos in the history of this trend-centric platform. 

Bella Poarch Lip-Syncing “M to the B” by Millie B (64.6 million likes since August 2020)

bella poarch lip-syncing video

Lip-syncing with cute facial expressions and bobbing her head to the beat of the music got Bella Poarch’s 10-second video the most number of likes ever on TikTok. Using the app’s signature features like body zoom and focus filters, she was able to command attention without even trying. 

She punctuated her video with a chuckle-worthy gaze upward. Its popularity created a template for thousands of creators to lip-sync their way to a flood of likes and a lot of time in the spotlight. 

The most-liked video in TikTok history and a string of other viral videos later, Bella released her debut single, Build a Bitch, in 2021 and has since collaborated with multiple brands.

Jamie Big Sorrel Horse’s “Say It Right” Dance (52.5 million likes since January 2022)

jamie big sorrel horse’s “say it right” dance

When we say authentic content performs well on TikTok, it means no filters, just genuine, relatable moments. And don’t we all dance in front of the bathroom sink mirror, not caring if we look silly doing our little jig?

TikTok creator Jamie Big Sorrel Horse, or @jamie32bsh, casually posted his uncomplicated dance to Nelly Furtado’s “Say It Right,” complete with a messy sink, anime shirt, and nothing but his smile on his face.

It was like he just woke up one morning and decided to record himself dancing because he felt like it. It turns out people found this so funny and relatable that it’s been accumulating likes ever since. It now has over 52 million likes and over 400 million views and counting.

Nick Luciano Lip-syncing to “SugarCrash!” (52.2 million likes since February 2021)

nick luciano lip-syncing to “sugarcrash!”

Creator Nick Luciano’s lip-sync of ElyOtto’s song “SugarCrash!” went viral thanks to his cute facial expressions and well-executed lip movements. The song is catchy to begin with, and the lip-sync parody format is a hugely popular trend on TikTok. 

With the right tune and gestures, Nick absolutely nailed it. In addition, he incorporates the country vibe in his videos in a cool and trendy way, something the TikTok audience finds appealing. His style makes him relatable and endearing. 

Artist Franek Bielak’s Impressive ‘Lips’ Drawing (51.6 million likes since December 2020)

artist franek bielak’s impressive ‘lips’ drawing

Serious talent combined with captivating images can also rank high on TikTok. On the fourth spot is Polish visual artist Franek Bielak’s video showing his drawings of lips in various styles and colors. According to the caption, he completed them in 23 hours. It was inspired by a video of lips he saw on TikTok that also went viral. 

His strokes of colors and, perhaps with a stroke of luck, his video now has over 51 million likes. It has made him a TikTok celebrity with over 15 million followers on the platform and over 340 million likes across all of his videos.

ToTouchAnEmu Dancing to “Stay” (45.2 million likes since July 2021)

totouchanemu dancing to “stay”

A playful imitation of a viral jiggling booty dance video plus a well-executed drone whirlpool shot made this one funny, dynamic, and visually entertaining. Justin Bieber’s “Stay” was already a viral hit on the platform at the time, and David’s shimmy antics made this one skyrocket in popularity with over 45 million likes. 

We all need a dose of dancing like no one’s watching, even if millions can potentially see you when you post your video on TikTok!

MONA’s “Suave” Cover (42.7 million likes since March 2022)

mona’s “suave” cover

Filipina Mona Gonzales’ effortless cover of El Alfa El Jefe’s song “Suave” has garnered over 42 million likes. Her smooth singing exaggeration, quirky facial expressions, and funny caption, “It’s time to wake up the neighbors,” made her video fun and worthy of its viral status. 

Perhaps the most impressive part is that it’s only 9 seconds long! 

Billie Eilish’s Time Warp Scan (40.9 million likes since November 2020)

billie eilish’s time warp scan

The Grammy Award-winning singer joined TikTok and tried its Time Warp Scan filter on her very first video. The filter generated a wacky image, and the video landed her a spot on TikTok’s most-liked of all time. 

Her massive celebrity appeal and the fact that the filter was trending on TikTok at the time made the video an instant crowd-pleaser. 

Adrian Chateau Wiles Barking at Her Dog (40.7 million likes since November 2021)

adrian chateau wiles barking at her dog

This humorous reversal of roles—an adorable dog reacting to its human barking at it—is uniquely entertaining. Amusing and feel-good pet reactions are incredibly popular on TikTok and other video platforms. 

Adrian’s dog Keiko’s shocked facial expression is truly priceless!

Khaby Lame Peeling a Banana (37.9 million likes since April 2021)

khaby lame peeling a banana

Creator Khaby Lame has amassed over 2 billion likes on his TikTok account. His deadpan, sarcastic reactions to complicated solutions to everyday problems have made him a popular social media personality. His video of peeling a banana stitched with another video of somebody using a knife to do it is his biggest hit so far. 

His deadpan expressions are funny, and all of his videos are to the point. He need not say a word to his audience to show that the simplest, down-to-earth solution is the best. 

British Promise Cats’ Repost of a Curious Cat (37.5 million likes since June 2020)

british promise cats’ repost of a curious cat

Unsurprisingly, we’re rounding off this list with a cat video. This adorable cat was captured popping its head at the top of a cardboard tube, continuously swiping the camera with its paws, and showing wide-eyed wonder at this intriguing thing.

This funny feline video was the most-liked video on TikTok at one point.

Being the Talk of Town on TikTok

This elite roster shows that videos can grab the internet’s attention in many different ways. The common denominator is that it has to be entertaining and singular. 

TikTok is fast-paced and constantly evolving, making it a dynamic environment where creators can go viral even if they don’t have a large following just yet.  The platform teems with positive energy, and anyone can share their feel-good or funny vibes on this platform without having to be polished or perfect. It is enough to be straightforward and genuine. 

TikTok welcomes and promotes organic content by enabling engagement to dictate visibility and viral potential, whether you’re doing a funny jig, bobbing your head, or barking at your dog. 

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