13 Proven Ways to Encourage Customers to Write Reviews

Ways To Encourage Customers To Write Reviews

Customer reviews positively impact search engine rankings and revenue. If you find it challenging to get them, we have the solutions!

When it comes to convincing shoppers that you’re the top choice, what’s the next best way to tooting your own horn?

A five star rating from happy customers!

But how do enterprises promote online reviews to be completed by customers?

That’s exactly what we’ll be talking about in this article.

Check out these 13 creative ways to encourage customers to write reviews and pick the ones that will work for your brand.

But First: Do Customer Reviews Really Matter?

A happy customer.

Let the numbers do the talking:

  • 90% of regular online consumers, both American and British, rank customer reviews as the most important factor in purchasing decisions, higher than price, return policy, and shipping cost
  • 98%  of buyers read online reviews prior to purchase
  • 72% of consumers will purchase only after reading a positive review
  • 39% more Google users click on businesses with 5 stars than those with 1 stars
  • 72% of consumers reported more trust in a business with good reviews
  • 30% of customers abandon a business over only one negative review

Since 1982, when database marketing was born, reviews have been the cornerstone of customer-focused brands. They reflect consumer trust and influence the purchase decision both in physical stores and online shopping.

Real-life feedback not only provides insight into the quality and performance of a product or service but also serves as social proof of your business’s commitment to customer satisfaction. When potential customers see a wealth of positive experiences, it significantly boosts their confidence in choosing your offerings.

Now, on to those 13 ways on how to encourage customers to give feedback.

Make the Review Process Effortless

Ease the pathway for your customers to leave reviews by streamlining the mechanism. Ensure the platforms you utilize for gathering feedback are user-friendly and the instructions are crystal clear.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Utilize the live chat feature on your website
  • Direct your customers to Yelp, Facebook, and Google My Business — the three most trusted general review sources
  • Tap into niche review sites, e.g. TrustPilot for products, Better Business Bureau for companies, ZocDoc for doctors, Shopify or Amazon for e-commerce, and TripAdvisor or Oyster for tourist destinations

An uncomplicated process is more inviting, significantly increasing the odds that a customer will contribute their insights. Remove hurdles and make it almost second nature for customers to share their experiences immediately following an interaction with your product or service.

Craft Personalized Review Requests

Simple gestures like addressing your customers by their first name and reflecting on specific aspects of their transaction or interaction with your brand elevates the perceived value of their feedback. Demonstrate genuine appreciation for their business and underscore the importance of their input in shaping your offerings. These foster a deeper connection, making them more inclined to share their unique experiences.

Time Review Request Emails Perfectly

A person making reviews online.

Strike while the iron is hot, ideally within a few days after a purchase or service experience, to keep the interaction fresh in the customer’s memory. This window of opportunity is when your customers are most engaged and their experiences with your brand are vivid, increasing the likelihood they’ll share detailed and constructive feedback.

Navigate this timing with sensitivity and precision. Avoid overly immediate requests that may come off as insistent, and delayed ones that risk the transaction becoming a distant memory.

Offer Incentives that Motivate

Tactically deploy rewards such as exclusive discounts, complimentary items, or accumulation of loyalty points to create a compelling proposition. This approach not only appreciates customers for their contribution but also nudges them towards sharing their insights.

Such gestures of gratitude resonate deeply, encouraging a flow of genuine feedback and transforming the act of leaving a review from a task into a mutually beneficial exchange. It also fosters a vibrant community of active participants eager to voice their experiences.

Leverage Direct Communication in Social Media

Engaging directly with your audience in social spaces creates a more personal connection, making the request for feedback feel less like a formality and more like a conversation. Highlight customer stories and share review snippets to highlight real-life satisfaction and motivate others to contribute their own experiences.

It’s an ingenious two-pronged strategy that elevates the visibility of positive feedback while inviting an ongoing dialogue for deeper customer relationships.

Showcase Positive Reviews to Inspire Others

Good online reviews.

Displaying the success stories of satisfied customers on your digital platforms invites further engagement and trust from the community. By prominently featuring glowing testimonials, you affirm the value of your offerings and create an environment where positive feedback breeds more of the same.

Celebrating those who’ve taken the time to share their experiences subtly encourages others to add their voice. The visibility of these positive narratives fosters a culture of appreciation and continuous improvement, further cementing your brand’s reputation for excellence and customer-centricity.

Engage with Both Positive and Negative Feedback

Responding to every piece of feedback is a tangible demonstration of your business’s dedication to customer satisfaction. It signals to your audience that their opinions hold weight, which results in a culture of respect and open dialogue.

Acknowledge positive comments to amplify satisfaction. Meanwhile, thoughtfully address criticisms to turn potential detractions into opportunities for growth and connection. Engage authentically, show gratitude for praise, and commit to improvement when faced with less favorable assessments.

Create a Review Incentive Program

Marry the act of feedback with tangible benefits, ranging from special discounts to members-only privileges. It’s a strategy designed to coax out more reviews while enriching the overall customer experience, thus transforming the review process into a rewarding journey. This thoughtful way of saying “thank you” simultaneously encourages an environment of open communication and shared experiences.

Educate Customers on the Importance of Reviews

Elevate the act of reviewing from a mere response to an impactful contribution by weaving the narrative that each feedback provides mutual benefits: It shapes the trajectory of your brand’s offerings and aids fellow consumers in navigating choices.

Enlighten them on how their voice becomes an integral part of the communal shopping experience. This deeper sense of responsibility towards the larger ecosystem of buyers and sellers alike will trigger a feeling of pride in their contribution.

Send A Follow Up Email

A person sending emails.

Employ a tone that’s both appreciative and respectful, acknowledging a purchase and subtly encouraging the customer to detail their satisfaction or constructive feedback. Crafting messages that resonate on a personal level opens a dialogue that is both meaningful and effortless. It will make the customer feel that leaving a review is but a seamless extension of their customer journey.

Incorporate Review Requests into Product Packaging

The unboxing experience can be a pathway for testimonials. A strategically placed QR code or a direct link, inviting users to share their impressions, transforms every purchase into a potential review. This method capitalizes on the moment of maximum engagement and simplifies the act of leaving feedback.

Embedding the invitation in the physical product experience is a reminder to customers of the value their opinions hold, enhancing the likelihood of capturing genuine insights.

Host Events that Encourage Reviews

Creating memorable moments through events offers an innovative avenue for generating reviews. Organize gatherings that highlight the essence of your brand, such as product launches, appreciation weekends, and interactive workshops.

Such occasions deepen customer relationships and provide fertile ground for attendees to share their firsthand experiences. Leveraging them to gently remind participants of their feedback’s impact triggers a natural inclination towards leaving reviews.

Partner with Other Local Businesses

Exploring synergies with like-minded business owners opens up new channels for garnering reviews. Collaborations anchor the strengths and customer bases of both entities to create a broader platform for feedback.

When you do cross-promotional activities or joint ventures, you tap into a wider audience, which naturally elevates the volume of reviews. Such partnerships diversify the source of feedback and enhance its credibility, as recommendations come from a varied clientele.

The Bottom Line

Wood blocks with check marks.

Getting customers to write reviews for your business is arguably one of the greatest challenges of business owners.

Is the effort worth it? Consider these:

When businesses ask for reviews, 12% of their customers will do so, 23% write a review half of the time, and 30% sometimes do.

If companies send a follow up email requesting for an online review, 80% of the recipients will respond positively.

Google counts online reviews on the top 12% of local SEO.

And with the more than five ways to encourage customers to write reviews we’ve listed above, your success is almost guaranteed!

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